A fishing float which measures water temperature.
Gives High-Amateur (hobby) deep-sea angler a new image of under water.

If deep-sea angling is your hobby or your vacation, you will definitely love to experiment with Inflo. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your smartphone can help you decide where to and not to drop your hook in the open sea?

Inflo is a floating device capable of sensing undersea temperature, which has a direct relationship with the possibility of finding fish. The current water temperature will be sent to your smartphone every ten seconds. You can check the temperature anytime, with just a tap on your app.

inflo03 from kaikai on Vimeo.

Why is Water Temperature Important?


Fish is a cold-blooded animal, whose body temperature changes according to the water around it. Suitable Water Temperature is the temperature that a particular species of fish are comfortable living in. However, it is able to bear slight variations in temperature. Some sensitive varieties of fish are not be able to survive beyond a range of temperature, called the Survive Water Temperature.

The water temperature will also be different at different levels and keeps changing. Fish will migrate to different levels based on variations in temperature and based on its biological needs, such as food and reproduction.

How Does Inflo Help You?

If you are an experienced Angler, you would know the temperature ranges best suited for different fish.

For instance, if you are hunting for Girella (a type of fish), you would know that the temperature range best suited for its existence is 60.8F - 68F and its Survive Water Temperature is 50F - 80.6F.

Your knowledge and experience in fishing, paired with the information provided by Inflo can help you decide how far your hook should go down from the surface level to catch a Girella.

We named this new fishing style
“Logical Fishing” = “DATA” × Knowledge × Technique × Experience.


Key Features

● Graphical representation of temperature on your smartphone
● Temperature comparison with previously saved data
● Choice of colors for LED light to enhance night fishing
● Fishing journal app for storing rig-memo and fish photos
● App that lets you share temperature details and photos of your catch on Twitter and Facebook
● App that lets you upload water temperature raw data to Evernote or to any email address
● Automatic switching on when you start fishing and switching off when you finish
● USB charging cradle with overcharge protection


29mm x 29mmx 45mm
Li-Po Battery 80-110 mAh
Bluetooth 4.1
High Accuracy Temperature Sensor
5mm Full Color LEDs x2
Charging Circuit
With Overcharge Protection Circuit
Charging Time
2 hrs
Continuous Operation Time
2 hrs - 6 hrs (Depends on communication probability)
Operating Temperature
Charging Temperature


We made several generations of prototypes and apps.

Oct. 2014
Award-winning, Renesas Electronics Corporation Hackerthon
1st prototype
Made with the GR-KURUMI (Renesas Electronics Corporation) and Picalico (Casio Computer Computer Co., Ltd.)

Jan. 2015
2nd prototype
Made with the GR-KURUMI (Renesas Electronics Corporation) and Bluetooth 2.1(Microchip Technology Inc.)

Feb. 2015
3rd prototype
Made with the Koshian Bluetooth 4.1 module (Macnica Inc.).

Apr. 2015
4th prototype
Much smaller prototype than ever before to integrate actual size case for user’s test.

Jun. 2015
Version 0.01.0 app for iPhone

August 2015
5th prototype
Corresponding to FCC regulation model has been designed with BCM20737S (Broadcom Corporation).